Friday, September 30, 2011

Much Needed Update

I realize I've neglected my little place on the internet. My last posting was in July, the middle of summer. I had a great time with my kids home from school. Now they'r back in the swing of things with a new school year. My oldest is on the track team, his first meet next week.

This summer my cousin and I signed on with a NY agent for our book series we wrote together. We're very excited at the prospect of our book settling in at the home of a NY publisher.

This summer I also decided to go back to school. I'm only going part time but this time next year I'll be finishing and graduating with my Bachelor's in the fall. I should mention I've met some pretty awesome people at school. It recharges my creative batteries being around other creative people.

Last week I was able to scratch something off my bucket list. I got my nose pierced with my friend Misia. She went with for support and ened up getting hers pierced before me. LOL It didn't hurt at all getting it done and it looks pretty cool I think. My next item off my list will be a tattoo during Christmas break from school.

And finally I have started working out in earnest since my son (the runner) has announced he wants to train for marathons. So I am going to train along with him so that we can do races together. We're looking at a Halloween race next month we're considering along with a race that is on Thanksgiving Day.

So Happy Fall to everyone and thanks for stopping by. I'll try to stay more up to date on here. Really. : )


Det. Shaved Longcock said...



Annmarie Ortega said...

Awww... He missed me. LOL

Misia said...

The tattoo.. I am game... The running.. Hell I will be your cheerleader... You go girl!

Mr. SouthSide said...

Sorry to hear about your old high school. That really sucks. I posted about you and I at the prom there.

Annmarie Ortega said...

This is just for the person who left the abject comment. If you don't like it, then don't read. It's that simple.

I Voted For Obama said...

What's abject mean?