Sunday, June 19, 2011

About the Author

I was recently reading an "About the Author" bio for a romance writer and saw "she lives with her real life hero, three daughters and four cats." This made me take pause for some reason and made me say "Meh. I call bullshit." Is it really possible to have total happiness with a man, three children and four cats? This sounds awful boring to me and not the type of life one has living with a "real life hero." Maybe because heroes are only in make believe and not real life. It just didn't sound realistic to me. I think a bio of "She lives with her 24/7 sub whom she keeps in chastity and is always ready at a moments notice to serve her. When she is not writing erotica she is training her beloved sub." sounds much more exciting.

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Anonymous said...

i will give her a spanking for you mistress.